Empire Practice Management & Billing Services, LLC
EPMBS Brooklyn, NY 11203 US
Phone: 800-440-1808 Website: http://epmbs.com/
Empire Practice Management and Billing Services, LLC
Medical Billing Services for only 6%!

Telephone: (800) 440-1808                 Email: info@epmbs.com                   Fax: (800) 440-1808

I.       Submission of Charges

o   Paper

§  Provider complete a superbill for each date of service

§  Staff batch superbill with copy of day’s schedule

§  Superbill is forward to EPMBS via fax, email, or courier service

o   Electronic

§  Create bills electronically with Practice Mate™, a free practice management software

II.    Charge entry

o   EPMBS reconcile charges against day’s schedule

o   EPMBS enter charges and time of service (TOS) payments

o   Claims are submitted electronically to insurance carriers

o   Self-pay patients receive friendly statements followed by friendly telephone calls

III. Payments

o   If sent directly to a lockbox…

§ Lockbox automatically deposit checks into provider business checking account

§ Lockbox forward EOB’s and correspondence to EPMBS

§ EPMBS post payments and denials accordingly

o   If sent directly to provider…

§  Provider forward EOBs and correspondence to EPMBS

§  EPMBS post payments and denials accordingly

IV.  Timing

o   All charges and payments will be entered within one-business day

V.      Services

o   Insurance and patient billing and collection services

o   Insurance credentialing assistance

o   Monthly financial reports

VI.  Cost

o   Our monthly fee is only 6% of posted receipts.  No hidden charges!

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