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Free Practice Management Software

Practice Mate™ – FREE Practice Management Software

Accessed via the Office Ally™ web site, your practice information is available to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All you need is internet connectivity. Easy to learn and use, we have incorporated into our program all the elements needed for successfully managing your practice. 


  • Integrated credit card processing by TransEngen.
  • Supports multiple practitioners in a single office & practices with multiple offices.
  • Create and maintain a patient database, store demographics, insurance, appointments and visits information.
  • Appointment module allows for quick scheduling with unique search & viewing capabilities.
  • Create superbills customized to practice needs.
  • Create claims and submit electronically through Office Ally or print claims on your own printer.
  • Manage payments/deposits using auto posting for some payers.
  • Create and send patient statements.
  • Create financial reports and export to PDF or Excel.


  • No expensive hardware or software to purchase…EVER!
  • No need to invest in expensive upgrades to take advantage of the latest program features.
  • Access your account from anywhere, at any time, with any internet seeking device…even your smart phone!
  • No need for daily backup of data.
  • All data is securely stored on Office Ally’s™ network servers.


  • Office Ally is certified HIPAA Compliant and our website boasts 128-bit encryption.
  • Redundant equipment with firewalls, load balancing, and failover are used to ensure continuous operation of our web site.
  • Database and file backups ensure quick retrieval of data in the case of unforeseen circumstances.


  • No monthly fees!
  • No software to purchase means no upgrades or updates to buy…EVER!
  • FREE set-up and UNLIMITED remote training is available!

Additional Benefits:

  • Patient Look-Up – Check patient eligibility for select IPAs
  • View Claim History – See claim status and EDI responses for an entire file or a specific claim
  • Inventory Reporting – Search for claims using a variety of options including “Date Uploaded”, “Patient Name”, “Insurance Company”, “Tax ID”, etc…
  • Code Search – Check the validity of ICD9, Place of Service and Modifier codes.
  • Claim Fix – Fix your rejected claims here! Click on a rejected claim, make any necessary changes, click “Update”. We will automatically reprocess your updated claims that night.
  • Real-Time Eligibility & Claim Status – Request real-time patient eligibility and claim status for select insurance companies.

 Unsurpassed support at every turn, free, unlimited, ongoing training on any part of any service that you have with us!  24/7 Customer Support!  

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